An unlimited selection of jewellery and rotations

  1. Add the jewellery you'd like to try to 'My Hearts List' and refresh regularly.
  2. Receive a new set of jewellery monthly and shine.
  3. Keep your faves for as long as you like until you’re tired of them.
  4. Return tired items to swap new ones in our reusable postal box and bag affixed with a prepaid return label included in your order.

Spend all memorable occasions with Juliet’s Lover

Plan to wear a dazzling necklace at a formal dinner over the weekend?

Want to be in the spotlight during tonight’s party with a pair of statement earrings?

Need a pleasant surprise to treat yourself?

Don't go without Juliet’s Lover’s monthly jewellery set.

Our stylists hand-select jewellery for you by viewing your regularly refreshed 'My Hearts List'  and the information you have given us in style preferences survey.
Sometimes, we offer little difference to you.

Only purchase when it became part of you

Don't waste your love on somebody, who doesn't value it.

William Sheakspeare, Romeo and Juliet


We believe that jewellery is worth purchasing only if it means something to you or if you have special memories attached to it. That’s why we encourage our users to get jewellery with our membership plans instead of a one-time purchase.

Can’t live without a piece you received in a monthly box?

Keep it.

It’s optional to keep your cup of tea. As long as you’re a Juliet’s Lover paid member, just return the remaining pieces and swap them for new ones. Don’t let limited storage space limit your unlimited jewellery experience.

Own it.

You can choose to purchase a specific item from your box with your membership credits at a discounted price.

Juliet's Lover

Enjoy truly exceptional service

We hand-select top-quality pieces of jewellery from our famous and independent suppliers. We do all the cleaning, polishing and disinfecting of returned jewellery. We promise that our members receive brand-new or 99% new jewellery. To be environmentally sustainable, we recycle the materials of worn-out, returned jewellery.

It’s as easy to cancel the service as it is to start it. Don’t forget to contact our customer-service team before you leave us.

Check your member account dashboard regularly. We organize all the things on your dashboard—purchase, review, track, update, contact us.....never miss any notification.

Explore your customized membership perks

Juliet’s Lover is always with you once you become our paying member. Except for the primary membership perks, you will receive the mysterious perks when you have been with Juliet’s Lover for some time or invite others to us.

Life is like a box from Juliet’s Lover, and you never know what you’re going to get and whether you’ll like the next piece of jewelry.

Juliet's Lover

Sign up now to start your unlimited jewellery collection

Receive your bespoke rotation jewellery box with four pieces of hand-selected jewellery you'd love to try from Juliet’s Lover. To act now, make a minimal environmental impact while you shop for fashionable jewellery.

1. Items in your first jewellery box(afterwards, swap X items for new X items)
2. A delicate bespoke rotation jewellery box
3. Maximum number of monthly swaps
4. Keep your faves as long as you are a paid member
5. Get membership credits to purchase jewellery (text)
6. Member discounts on purchasing your faves
7. Tracked shipping and returns
8. Extra membership perks
9. Get access to member-exclusive items
Monthly Plan
Get £8 credits per month
15% off
Annual Plan+ Save 20% if you pay for a year upfront
Get £76 credits immediately
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