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10 Best Engagement Rings To Buy Online In The UK 

Absolutely, to love one person forever—for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health—requires courage and determination. But do you know what’s perhaps even tougher? Finding the perfect engagement ring to propose with, a ring so beautiful your partner would be happy to wear it day in, day out, for the rest of their life. Now that’s another decision to be made. 

There’s engagement rings aplenty online, so we’ve made your life a little easier by rounding up the crème de la crème. Whether you’re looking for a timeless diamond ring with the most sparkle it can light up a dark room or something a little different, here are the best engagement rings people are talking about right now!

What Engagement Ring Design is the Hot Topic Now?

The ring you pick always boils down to your preference, but trends determine that modern engagement rings are often flashier than the actual wedding bands. Diamonds are old but gold, but lately precious gems such as emerald and sapphire have begun to steal the spotlight.

How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Once again, it has to come down to the individual. Etiquette dictates that one should spend a minimum of three months’ salary on a rock. That said, some traditions are outdated, so work out how much you’re able to spend before you begin shopping and fall for something that’s way too out of your budget.

Thanks to the prevalence of lab-grown diamonds, getting something impressively extravagant isn’t as costly as it once was. They are pretty much identical to mined diamonds, except they carry much lower RRP and don’t require millions of years to form.

10 Best Engagement Rings She Will Fall Head Over Heels With

1. Water Drop Gem Open Ring in White Gold

best engagement rings uk

There are regular diamonds, and then there are coloured diamonds. Yellow, blue, pink, red, and emerald green diamonds are staggeringly hard to find, making them the pinnacle of all gemstones for a proposal. Juliet’s Lover offers this beautiful water drop gem open ring in two stunning colors: red and pearl white. A slender white gold band with subtly scintillating diamonds would be its God-sent partner.

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2. Chic Jewelled Open Ring in White Gold

best engagement rings uk

A simple, timeless band is often an understated choice for engagement rings. Its white-gold design makes it the perfect piece for those who take pleasure in mixing their metals, and additional bands can be neatly stacked alongside. As the saying goes “less is more”.

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3. Classic Double Gem Open Ring in White Gold

best engagement rings uk

A truly one-of-a-kind-choice, why opt for one spectacular diamond when you can have two? This classic double gem open ring features two complementary diamonds set on a dainty band setting, perfectly symbolising the tot et moi or you and me concept. Each stone is said to represent each of the betrothed couple, making this an especially romantic style.

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4. Classic Square Gem Statement Ring in White Gold

This classic, timeless statement ring is designed to take your breath away, featuring a square diamond, encircled by two striking halos of pavé diamonds expertly set to magnify the stone in the centre. Handcrafted in Britain by skilled craftsmen and universally flattering to all hand shapes, it’s super sparkly you can’t take your eyes off it.

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5. Oval Jewelled Ring in White Gold

If you have your hearts set on simple solitaire rings, this 18 carat white gold oval jewelled ring features a brilliant cut diamond accentuated by dainty shimmering diamonds for an elegant classic design. Those who are towards classics over trends will appreciate its sleek lines. For contemporary bling with a timeless attitude, look no further.

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6. Delicate Jewels Open Ring in 18K Gold

Set aside the go-big-or-go-home mantra—and if you’re looking for a classic engagement ring with a modern upgrade, this petite diamond ring makes the perfect choice. It features a delicate quartet of brilliant-cut white diamonds and looks amazing when worn alone or stacked with other pieces for a truly sleek bridal pairing. The band is slim yet highly polished, and is available in 18K.

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7. Crystal Flowers Open Ring in White Gold

If you’re after an engagement ring that’s truly unique and interesting, nothing like the others, this crystal flowers open ring should be a go-to. This ring above is crafted in 14k white gold and the crystal flowers diamonds have a delicate, natural beauty that is both mysterious and opulent in appearance. Elegant and modern, and comes at a great price.

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8. Twine Open Ring in 18K Gold

Engagement rings don’t necessarily have to be posh and luxurious. If your partner is all about simple, humble bands she can mix and match other accessories with, look no further than this dainty Twine open ring. This delicate piece makes the perfect stacking ring with its slim braided design. Made from recyclable and natural bronze that’s plates with 18 carat gold, the piece is hand-crafted with an aim to revive the traditional local artisanship of jewellery making. The band’s unique braided ring features a rich gold finish that helps make it a timeless investment piece for years to come.

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9. Swarovski Constella Cocktail Ring

Expertly crafted, the breathtaking princess-cut centre stone is enhanced with elegant pavé on the gallery and along the rhodium-plated band, better yet, the surrounding halo of shimmering round diamonds. Not only is it affordable but also makes a great option to get down on one knee with.

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10. Abelini Star Solitaire Engagement Ring

Stars have long been perceived as one of the many romantic symbols, representing a love that’s quite literally out of the world or ‘written in the stars’. So what’s a better way to celebrate your engagement than with a stunning celestial ring? This minimalist, solitaire style orbits around a sparkling round diamond that’s been naturally mined, rest assured your other half can’t take her eyes off it.

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