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Love is heavy and light, bright and dark, hot and cold, sick and healthy, asleep and awake – it’s everything except what it is!

(Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliet" act 1, scene 1)

Our Inspiration


  • We aim to help every woman enjoy jewellery, regardless of her budgetary limits. We believe the beautiful things that help you express yourself, including jewellery, shouldn’t be a financial burden. We founded Juliet’s Lover to create chic jewellery and deliver it to you with love. We extend the lifespan of our jewellery through shared ownership, recycle all our jewellery and use reusable package materials in our shipments to show kindness to our planet.



Juliet's Lover

Our ideology


The following three frameworks help us to develop and improve our sustainable rotation system.


Be Aware


of your actions’ impact on the Earth

Fashion shouldn’t cost the Earth. People have shopped for one-off fashion products and treated them as though they were disposable since the beginning of the fast-fashion. Overconsumption and excessive waste are driving climate change and mass extinction. We need a new economic model for fashion to reverse this industry’s direction, which is contributing to the environment’s deterioration through the clothes, accessories and packing materials consumed in the significant volume of online orders. 


Take Responsibility


for your consumption choices


We founded Juliet’s Lover and built its services to realise our commitment to fashion sustainability. Now, we need your efforts to carry on. Help us shift away from traditional ownership and shopping habits to newer ways of accessing a variety of fashion products while extending their lifespan. Simply sharing the idea of sustainable consumption with your friends can contribute to this cause.




Make Changes


to your own situation

We all wish the world were a better place but seldom take positive actions. Taking responsibility for your consumption means changing your lifestyle, but it is also the simplest way to transform your attitude to the world. Eventually, your habits will make a change for the Earth.

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